The length of time it takes to recover the initial cost of a project, without regard to the time value of money. The New York Times Financial Glossary

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payback pay‧back [ˈpeɪbæk] noun [countable, uncountable]
1. FINANCE the money or rewards gained from a new business, project etc:

• One hurdle that often trips new entrepreneurs is the amount of time invested in a start-up before realizing any payback.

• It is a solid project that will generate hard currency with a fairly short payback period (= the period of time needed to get back the cost of an investment ) .

2. FINANCE LAW an illegal payment by a financial institution to an investor to replace money they have lost:

• Executives were worried that the credit transfer would look like payback.

• The payback deals might never have come to light had local tax officials not leaked the schemes to the press.

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   The number of years needed for an investment project to recover its cost.

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payback UK US /ˈpeɪbæk/ noun [C or U]
FINANCE the profit received from an investment or the time that it takes to receive the same amount that was invested: »

Shareholders are awaiting a cash payback from the deal.

a payback on sth »

You should have a 20-year payback on your investment in solar panels.

an advantage that you get from something: payback for sth »

The payback for reorganization should be increased productivity.

payback time — Cf. payback time

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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